Planting Oaks resources and equips like-minded ministries as they establish Christian homes for abused, neglected and abandoned children.


“The reality is that there are millions of children in this country who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. They don’t know where they’re going to sleep tonight. They don’t know if the same pain and hurt that they experienced last night is going to be waiting at the door for them again tonight.”


There are many people across the country who are committing their lives to helping children in need.

They want to provide godly, long-term, loving homes for hurting children — each one similar in mission to Big Oak Ranch, but they aren’t sure where to start. Or they are simply stuck on key issues, feeling isolated during what can be an overwhelming endeavor. They are the reason we founded Planting Oaks.

Truth is, Planting Oaks was created in response to demand. For decades, many who wanted to start their own ministries have reached out to us. They knew of Big Oak Ranch and wanted advice and guidance. Over the years, we’ve happily fielded questions, shared best practices, and provided insight for others. Three years ago, we decided to develop a formal program to help those who share our same passion and mission get their ministries off the ground or grow already established ministries. And Planting Oaks was born.

"God has put on my heart a message of ‘make room’...We are building this ministry, building these homes to make room for what is coming. We are building, looking ahead to what God will do for children who need a safe place to call home. So much could be done and so many could be helped through ministries coming together, so having Planting Oaks on this journey with us is amazing, to glean from the lessons of Big Oak’s almost 50 years. Planting Oaks makes spiritual sense, and it makes sense for us to walk this road with them."

Jason & Ginger Slaughter, Safe Haven Ranch

Cedartown, GA


Through Planting Oaks, we share our insight and experience.

Through Planting Oaks, we share our insight and experience.

We conduct intensive training sessions with our Planting Oaks partners, providing vital information on everything from obtaining a 501c3 and licensure, acquiring land, building homes, and working with local agencies and authorities. We share policies and procedures and help them reach milestones as they structure. We help them avoid missteps and overcome obstacles. We advise on establishing meaningful partnerships, stewardship, recruiting and hiring houseparents, and much, much more. We also pray with them and for them, as they plant what God has placed on their hearts.

We also connect our Planting Oaks partners with one another, so they can enjoy a strong network of like-minded ministries. Because founding a ministry to serve children isn’t easy. And these brave, passionate people need support and strength — which they get through the love, encouragement, and prayers of those walking the same path.

Planting Oaks services are provided free of charge.

There are millions of children in this country in need of intervention. While we are unable to reach them ourselves, we can help by supporting and guiding others who want to provide a stable, loving, traditional home to children who have experienced the worst life has to offer. We believe this extension of our ministry will provide a lasting and meaningful solution for so many children who need a home, love, and hope.

"We believe that God will use this ministry He gave us to show what community and family look like, what it was created to be. And, now we are building homes and purchasing property and I attribute all of that to being connected in ministry with like-minded individuals like Big Oak, who believe in what they’re doing, who believe in what God said, who believe in what we’re doing. It would be hard to do this without that connection and the guidance Planting Oaks offers."

Donnie & Amy Lumpkin, Freedom Farm Crossroads

Phenix City, AL




through the Planting Oaks partner network this year







Interested in the Planting Oaks network?

To become a Planting Oaks partner, you should offer or be working toward providing a long-term placement option through a traditional, Christian setting. 

We typically partner with individuals or groups working with young people in four major organization categories:

  1. Long-term residential care
  2. Long-term placement for children out of human trafficking
  3. Long-term foster care communities
  4. Transitional living

This allows us to work closely with each of our Planting Oaks to advance the mission of safe, loving, Christian homes with a godly mom and dad, while helping Planting Oaks establish their organizational framework in a way that’s affordable, scalable, and most effective in their area of service. So far, we have observed a two-to-three-year timeframe for Planting Oaks to establish a fully operational ministry.

“As one of the first Planting Oaks, our partnership began as they walked beside our founders during the inception of Mustard Seed Ranch. In those early years, we were blessed with a beautiful 113-acre ranch donated by a local foundation and a community who rallied to help us raise enough money for our first two homes. Since then, we have loved 68 children and reunited 12 families through two active boys' homes and one girls’ home. Further, all glory to God, we are currently building two additional homes that will give us the opportunity to serve even more children. Big Oak will always have a special place in our hearts and within our history. We are forever grateful for their example, wisdom, encouragement, prayers and friendship. May God continue to bless all Planting Oaks partners, as well as Big Oak, for all they've done and continue to do for hurting children across the United States.”

Tammy Hogan, Mustard Seed Ranch

Cookeville, TN

Through Planting Oaks, we provide best practices that have worked

at Big Oak Ranch since 1974.


Through the process of collaborating with ministries across the country, not only do we gain more understanding, but it adds incredible value to our operations as well.

We make each other better.

Planting Oaks Intensives

Planting Oaks Intensives are two-day trainings on site at Big Oak that are focused on equipping Planting Oaks partners with the insights and resources they need to move closer to their goal of establishing loving, Christian homes for abused, neglected and abandoned children. See what our partners are saying about the Intensive.