Planting Oaks

A network of Christian homes for children needing a chance

There are more than 3.5 million children in this country in need of intervention.

Planting Oaks is committed to supporting and guiding others who want to provide a stable, loving, traditional home to children who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Monthly Giving

As we conduct intensive training sessions with our Planting Oaks partners, providing vital information that helps them avoid missteps and overcome obstacles, your support allows us to provide mentorship, resourcing, partnership and a strong network of like-minded ministries.

One-Time Giving

Whether large or small, every gift makes a difference in the fight to rescue hurting children.

This extension of the Big Oak ministry will provide a lasting and meaningful solution for so many children who need a home, love, and hope.

If you’d like to mail a check donation, you can send it to:

BIG OAK RANCH, Business Office
250 Jake Mintz Road
Gadsden, AL 35905
(256) 892-0773

For gifts via stock or donor advised funds, phone the Business Office at (256) 892-0773, ext. 1320, or email Lauren Williams

Planting Oaks Impact

Alexa James

Alexa James

Blanket Fort Hope

“Throughout this process, you have to be willing to learn, you have to be willing to fall, you have to be willing to listen and take steps. We get to do this alongside a team of people. The relationships through Planting Oaks and the community it creates is more valuable than anything else.”

Robin Woodall

Robin Woodall

Lydia’s Place

“Planting Oaks impacted our organization dramatically. When we visited, it made us think bigger, and now we are connected on an even greater level with community networks that allow us to serve kids better. Our experience with Planting Oaks helped us see a way to reach kids at a younger age instead of when they are 4-5 years into trials as young adults.”