Girls’ Ranch

The first thing you notice about Big Oak Ranch is how normal it all is. How ordinary. How beautiful. The rolling pasture land. The neighborhood filled with two-story brick homes standing resolute among the Alabama pines and sprawling oaks.

And yet, life at Big Oak Ranch is also extraordinary.

Our girls come to us fragile and vulnerable, having experienced the worst of life. But they also are strong in ways you can’t imagine. All they need is a chance.

Hope gives them the strength to become who God intended

At Big Oak Girls’ Ranch, situated on 325 acres just outside of Springville, Alabama, they find hope. They find a Christian home with parents who give them unconditional love and show them a nurturing spirit.

Here, they find a chance to heal and grow. A chance to trust again. A chance to find God’s true purpose for their lives.

They find the strength of family, something many have never known before. They find the power of responsibility and accountability to themselves and their families and, along the way, they discover their own unique strengths and gifts. They receive an exceptional education at Westbrook Christian School – an education that helps each child realize their potential and achieve it. Most importantly, they discover that they are more than their past circumstances. They discover their true godly nature.

At Big Oak Ranch, they find the kind of home that most of us take for granted.

They find hope.


Volunteer Resource Parenting

Each month, our houseparents get one weekend away. During the weekend, we pair each child with a Resource Family which serves as an extended family for our children. The relationships built and enjoyed through this valuable part of our mission are life-changing for our children and our resource families alike.

Ways to Help

With your help, we can make sure that every child gets the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life.