Boys’ Ranch

The first thing you notice about Big Oak Ranch is how normal it all is. How ordinary. How beautiful. The rolling pasture land. The neighborhood filled with two-story brick homes standing resolute among the Alabama pines and sprawling oaks.

And yet, life at Big Oak Ranch is also extraordinary.

Here, boys who have experienced some of the worst life has to offer find a true home filled with love and a chance to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Hope for a future they never believed possible

Big Oak Boys’ Ranch resides on 474 acres of sprawling farmland outside of Gadsden, Alabama.

Each home on the Boys’ Ranch includes a loving, Christian couple, who serve as Mom and Dad, and as many as eight siblings of differing ages. Everything we do is designed to help these future men understand the love of family. For many boys, this is the first real home they’ve ever known.

Like any family, the families of Big Oak Ranch are buzzing with activity. Our children are involved in selected activities that match their gifts and offer opportunities to succeed in life. They are involved with on-Ranch activities like Big Oak Cattle and our P21 equine program; some work jobs in the community. In everything they do, our houseparents are investing in their children’s futures by modeling and teaching the love and commitment of family.

Here, our boys find the guidance they need to grow into responsible, godly men. They receive an exceptional education at Westbrook Christian School – an education that helps each child realize their potential and achieve it. We teach them discipline and structure as well as the value of a strong work ethic. They develop a sense of responsibility and accountability to themselves and to their families. They discover God’s plan for their lives and the support they need to pursue it.

In short, they find home.

A Christian Home for Children Needing a Chance

It’s life. It’s all so normal. And yet, life at Big Oak Ranch is also extraordinary.
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Volunteer Resource Parenting

Volunteer Resource Parenting

Each month, our houseparents get one weekend away. During the weekend, we pair each child with a Resource Family which serves as an extended family for our children. The relationships built and enjoyed through this valuable part of our mission are life-changing for our children and our resource families alike.

Ways to Help

With your help, we can make sure that every child gets the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life.