Board Members

Board Member for web 12.15.23 cBeatty[21]

Craig Beatty
CS Beatty Construction
Birmingham, AL

Board Member for web 12.15.23 gBelcher[48]

Greg Belcher
Royal Automotive, Inc.
Birmingham, AL

Board Member for web 12.15.23 jStewart[4]

Jerry Stewart
Executive Vice President
Southern Co. / Alabama Power (retired)
Birmingham, AL

Board Member for web 12.15.23 bRatliff[60]

Bill Ratliff
Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC
Birmingham, AL

Board Member for web 12.15.23 wEdge[56]

Walter Edge
Edge Biologicals, Inc.
Memphis, TN

Board Member for web 12.15.23 nWright[87]

Nick Wright
Special Events Management
Tuscaloosa, AL

Board Member for web 12.15.23 jBelcher[8]

Jonathan Belcher
President & Cofounder
Signature Homes
Birmingham, AL - Nashville, TN


Brodie and Kelli Croyle with their sons, Luke and Sawyer

Many times we expect purpose, or our ‘why’, to fall from the heavens into our laps, which obviously God can orchestrate. But often, it requires a self-audit — one of reflecting on moments, big and small, throughout our lives that we either overlooked as ‘coincidence’ or maybe we even used the God-ordained moments for ourselves instead of returning the gift to the Giver in the way in which He intended. 

Every person you see listed on this page has been asked the same question: “What’s your why?” We write it, we cling to it, we recall it when hard times come. Our ‘why’ is what brings us back to the initial passion we had when our calling first began.

There is one moment that will forever anchor my ‘why’. 

In 1988, I clung to my dad’s leg as an old, beat-up truck pulled into the Ranch. A man got out and said his new girlfriend made him choose her or his three boys. His choice was obvious. The 11-year-old got out of the truck, just glad he would have a safe home and a warm meal. The 10-year-old took off running and screaming that he knew his dad was going to leave. Then 6-year-old Joey – my moment – got out of the truck. Joey ran to his dad weeping, “You can’t leave me the same way Mom did!” Joey’s brokenness was not lost on me, and it was that moment that served as a catalyst for my commitment to this mission to relieve the suffering of children. Joey has been my brother since 1988. He was in my wedding and I was in his. He married a wonderful, godly woman. And for a young girl, he is Dad – not by blood, but through a daily choice to love her unconditionally.  

Every staff member serving at Big Oak can look back on their own lives and describe moments, good and bad, that led them to this specific calling.

Each person who serves on staff can think of their own ‘Joey’. Every endeavor we pursue is focused on pointing our children to the One who can bring lasting healing and continued generational change. 

There are hurting children hoping and dreaming for a home, for a family who loves them. Your support helps connect our path with theirs.

Brodie Croyle, CEO, Big Oak Ranch

Culture is either created by default or by design. Our culture is created by intentionally putting our promises into action.