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Come and explore Big Oak Ranch through the eyes and experiences of the people who know it best — houseparents, former residents, teachers, supporters — in a series of ‘conversations,’ we explore many different aspects of Big Oak Ranch and the profound impact it’s had on the lives of children for nearly 50 years.

“Coming from a broken home, I had no idea what it meant to be a father until I came to live at the Ranch. I saw examples here of unconditional love, what that looked like, so I can be that example for my kids.”


It Takes a Village
Ann Bettis, Resource Parent & Suzanne Miller, Houseparent

Resource Parent, Ann Bettis, and Houseparent, Suzanne Miller, share how volunteer Resource Parents work with Houseparents to create a family and village for the children at Big Oak Ranch.

ASCEND Partner, Catherine Brown & ASCEND Coordinator, Kelli Croyle

ASCEND Partner, Catherine Brown, and ASCEND Coordinator, Kelli Croyle, describe how spiritual, professional and personal life preparation fulfills the Ranch’s promise to support their children as they grow into strong, independent and godly adults.

Why We Came to Big Oak
Corey & Tracee Hudson, Houseparents & Donald Bushey, Former Resident

Houseparents, Corey and Tracee Hudson, sit down with Former Resident, Donald Bushey, and discuss how they came to Big Oak Ranch and the amazing impact it has had on their lives.

Former Resident, Dominic McMath, & Tee Croyle, Big Oak Ranch Co-Founder and Math Teacher at Westbrook Christian School

A former Big Oak Ranch resident and his Westbrook Christian School math teacher reflect on his time at Westbrook, how it changed his life, and how he was inspired to become a math teacher and is now paying it forward with his own students.

Opening our hearts, opening our home
Greg and Tassy Townsel, Resource Parents & Jen Shoars, Big Oak Boys’ Ranch Co-Director

Volunteer Resource Parents, Greg and Tassy Townsel, share with former Houseparent and current Boys’ Ranch Co-Director, Jen Shoars, how God called them to become Resource Parents and how the young man they welcomed into their home has been a joy and blessing to their family.

Forever Families
Houseparents, Trevor and Melissa Ellison & Rebecca Weeks, Former Big Oak Ranch Resident

Houseparents, Trevor and Melissa Ellison, and former Big Oak Ranch resident, Rebecca Weeks, explain how the families that come together at the Ranch aren’t temporary — they are real families with bonds that last a lifetime.