Hope Changes Everything

This statement rings true for all of us, but especially for children who have been abused, neglected and abandoned.


Your commitment makes all the difference

It takes roughly $1,000 a month to provide the basics of food, clothing, emotional, psychological and medical care, as well as academic and extracurricular activities. The members of the Big 12 Club do more than help provide essentials. They provide hope. They provide stability. They provide the strength we need to lead our children into adulthood.

For more information on Big 12 Club membership, contact Jessica Phillips at (205) 467-6226 or jphillips@bigoak.org.

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Help Change Lives

Since our beginning in 1974, there has been one thing we know to be true—every gift matters, every gift helps provide hope, every gift changes lives. You can become a financial supporter of Big Oak Ranch in two ways:

Monthly Giving

One-Time Giving

If you’d like to mail a check donation, you can send it to:

BIG OAK RANCH, Business Office
250 Jake Mintz Road
Gadsden, AL 35905
(256) 892-0773

For gifts via stock or donor advised funds, phone the Business Office at (256) 892-0773, ext. 1320, or email Lauren Williams

Lives Changed

The lives we have touched will continue to have a positive ripple effect for generations to come. These stories show the impact of your investment.



“As a child, I was hurt and ashamed. Forced to carry the struggles of adults around me, I frequently moved from place to place. The only consistency I experienced was the physical abuse, neglect and yelling. I had so many questions and no one to help me find the answers. Until I came to Big Oak.”
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“I arrived at Big Oak a fragile, angry, and uncertain 12-year-old boy, only to lose my grandmother to her disease 6 months later. Despite the seemingly infinite acreage of the Ranch and so many people around me, I felt alone. But that didn’t last long.”
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“When I was 15 my family experienced a storm like no other. In one day, my world was turned upside down, and our household was torn apart. I am proud to say that I am a Big Oak Girl and am eternally grateful that I was given the chance that I so desperately needed.”
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