Here they find a true home. 

At Big Oak Ranch, they find a family, led by a loving mom and dad who serve as their parents. They find safety and a place where they can grow into the full person that God intended them to be.

At Big Oak, they get an exceptional K-12 education, along with the opportunity for a fully-funded higher education and life skills training. They learn responsibility and accountability, to themselves and to their families and their community. They find the guidance and examples they need to grow into godly men and women.

They learn to use their stories as a pathway to help others.

Given a chance, the transformation in our children is miraculous.

Elizabeth Brush

Former resident, Rebecca Weeks, in conversation with The Ellisons, two current houseparents at Big Oak Girls’ Ranch.

My houseparents are The Claytons, two people who have made and faithfully walked out a lifetime commitment to me. They didn’t solely try to get me through high school. However, the relationship they began with me now impacts my husband, and my kids – as they are consistently present in our lives, calling often to check on how we are doing. I was able to learn and unlearn many things at the Ranch while with The Claytons, and now, I hold the opportunity to be the hands and feet of the Lord.


Though I didn’t come from the best circumstances in my childhood, I had a chance to restart. I learned that when you have been taught right from wrong, you can love people while also not following in their footsteps. Thus, I now get to pour the values that I learned back into my biological family. I believe the best thing we can do for the generations to come is to continue to live out all we have learned – for our kids, for our family, and for those around us daily.”

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Big Oak Ranch is a Christian home for children needing a chance.

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