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Spiritual, professional and personal life preparation for the young adults of Big Oak Ranch

Big Oak Ranch

We’ll stick with you

ASCEND helps us keep this promise to our children as we support each young person’s goals through life skills training that sits alongside a fully paid college education or skilled trade certification.

Join us in helping our children transform the dependent habits learned on the Ranch into independent habits necessary for adult life.

Monthly Giving

One-Time Giving

If you’d like to mail a check donation, you can send it to:

BIG OAK RANCH, Business Office
250 Jake Mintz Road
Gadsden, AL 35905
(256) 892-0773

For gifts via stock or donor advised funds, phone the Business Office at (256) 892-0773, ext. 1320, or email Lauren Williams

Big Oak Ranch

“ASCEND has given me the opportunity to learn life skills that have put me a step ahead of others my age. It has taught me the importance of creating personal habits that lead to exponential growth.”


Lives Changed

The lives we have touched will continue to have a positive ripple effect for generations to come. These stories show the impact of your investment.


“I was mentally and physically abused every day. I was told that I was nothing but a loser and that I would never be anything in life. My life changed forever when I was 14. I was given a chance to live the life I hadn’t had, a life all children should have the opportunity to live.”



“When I was 15 my family experienced a storm like no other. In one day, my world was turned upside down, and our household was torn apart. I am proud to say that I am a Big Oak Girl and am eternally grateful that I was given the chance that I so desperately needed.”


“We thought the worst was over, but the emotional, physical and often sexual abuse continued for almost a year before our grandmother found out and we went to live with her. After about a month, she asked me if we would like to live at Big Oak Ranch.”