What is Big Oak Ranch


What is Big Oak Ranch?

Big Oak Ranch is a Christian home for children needing a chance. If you know us, you’ve heard us say that before. Because that’s what we offer—a chance. To find a normal life. To find God’s love. To find that we are all more than our circumstances—we are what we have the strength to become. Learn more about Big Oak Ranch


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The Voices of Big Oak Ranch


The Voices of Big Oak Ranch

Big Oak Ranch is a place unique in the world. No one understands that better than the men, women and children who have been personally transformed by the Ranch. The house parents who felt God’s call. The relief parents who learned that it was their own lives most changed. The young man who sees in the Ranch the possibilities of his own dreams. The young woman who only needed a chance—and found it. The couple who give infinitely more than money. These are their stories, in words and images of the power of God’s blessings.Listen to the stories

Big Oak Ranch is a place where children needing a chance can find home, family and God's love.

John gives some inside tips about being a better parent.

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Big Oak Helps St. Clair County Farmer’s Federation Receive Award

St. Clair County’s Young Farmers Committee planted a 1.5-acre vegetable garden at the ranch…

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Big Oak Ranch is a Christian home for children needing a chance. The children live in as normal a setting as we can possibly create. As many as eight children live in each of the Ranch's comfortable, two-story brick homes with a dedicated, Christian couple serving as mom and dad.