The Girls’ Ranch is a place of love, security and safety—three things few of our girls have known before they came to us.

Big Oak Girls’ Ranch sits on 325 acres just a few miles north of Springville, Alabama. We have nine residential homes, a gymnasium, equine center, swimming pool and a transition home to help our young women adjust from high school to adulthood. Our goal is to create as normal a setting as possible for our girls. Up to eight girls live in each of the Ranch’s comfortable two story brick homes with a dedicated, Christian couple serving as mom and dad.

Love, Worth, Beauty, and Security

At the end of the day, there are four foundational things our girls need to be shown:

Through chores in the home and assigned Ranch tasks, our girls are given responsibilities that are meant to instill a godly work ethic, commitment and confidence in their capabilities. Through these efforts, we strive to mold them into young women who understand and appreciate the value of family, marriage, motherhood and purpose.

It’s important that our girls realize they belong to a stable, loving and safe unit…a family. So, each Ranch family works together, plays together and attends a local church as a family unit each week. Our girls absorb everything they see, whether they realize it or not, so our spiritual emphasis is on witnessing by example in all we say and do. Our housemoms strive to be the daily examples of grace, strength and noble character. In turn, our housedads strive to reinforce their worth and demonstrate what to look for in a husband. In addition, we purposefully and carefully place girls of different ages in each home so the younger girls will have big sisters. In turn, the older girls can develop a caring and responsible attitude toward their younger siblings. It is our desire that our girls will understand and appreciate the lifelong friendship and bond sisters can share.

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