What is
Big Oak Cattle?

Big Oak Cattle is a program designed to provide a self-sustaining, naturally-raised, beef production system (no hormones, no added antibiotics) for feeding our Ranch families. The plan for this program is that it will eventually produce a profit margin to go toward the support of our children.

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Why was Big Oak Cattle established?

We want to provide a structured work program that gives the children of Big Oak Ranch an opportunity to learn to safely and productively handle cattle, and at same time teach them a strong work ethic. Not only are we feeding our entire family now – we are getting our children ready for life, teaching them the value of hard work and providing a real-life understanding of economics. What an opportunity to provide our children a plan to fulfill a successful future!

How is Big Oak Cattle structured to teach your children?

Big Oak Cattle is a cow-calf operation, running a commercial herd of around 100 pair to feed both Ranches. Our children have the option to pursue Wrangler Status, which would be achieved after completing a 6-month program, showing they have the responsibility required to raise and care for an animal and the commitment of time this process will require. They are awake before school checking on their calf and they spend the majority of their evenings keeping a log of time invested in the care of their calf, tracking spending on hay, daily care, etc. They also learn to watch the cattle market to decide the right time to sell for the most margin. After the sell, each child receives the margin to put toward savings, a car, etc.

How do you graze and move your cattle?

Rotational grazing is key to running a naturally-raised beef production system, and we move all of our cattle by horseback.

For more information about the Big Oak Cattle Program, please contact Matt Williams at (256) 892-0773.

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