What it Looks Like to Pursue Greatness

January 23, 2020

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


Good or bad, where we come from shapes who we are. 

These words were etched in my mind as I recently wrote a scholarship reference letter for one of our upcoming seniors. 

It made me think about those who always seemed to be destined for greatness because of the love, honesty, perseverance and discipline built within them from the beginning. When one has this, they should consider it a treasure and continue that legacy. Then I thought about the ones who must choose perseverance during less than ideal circumstances. They must pursue greatness despite not having a solid footing from the start. The moment by moment choices made, which forge fierce strength, will drive these individuals to never quit, to fight for what they believe in and to stand for those who don’t have the same strength. These are the individuals who consistently overcome, who choose to live as victors instead of victims. These are the ones who courageously stand as the change they want to see in the world because they've encountered the darkest places of this life and want to ensure others never experience the same pain. 

The latter describes all of our children, but it also describes our hope that they will choose purpose over the pain. They must develop a relentless determination to succeed in life that is derived from a deep desire to protect a family they don’t know yet, but one they hold in high regard. Their striving, fighting and overcoming should be done in the knowledge that a future spouse, child and generations will depend on it. While the weight of responsibility is heavy in this, may we all take His yoke upon us as we trust Christ to lead.

Faith Morgan, A Life Changed
The Journey that Leads to the Giver
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