Transformation Beyond our Control

February 3, 2017

Reagan Phillips, Childcare Team Director


We at Big Oak Ranch have a front-row view of the sin and brokenness in this world, but with that we also have the privilege of watching Christ’s healing of the broken. We have children that come to us that have no idea what family is, have no confidence in themselves, and trust no one. Our biggest desire is that each of our children experience a transformation of the heart.

One might ask what that looks like. A child with a new heart doesn’t just see the tragedy in their life; they see the hope set before them, and they know that they are no longer defined by the sins of others. This was never more evident than when one of our children chose to go to the federal prison with her houseparents to forgive her biological parents for the things they have done, even though they never apologized.

The biggest mistake we could make is believing that we have anything to do with this transformation. Our responsibility is to provide fertile ground where we watch as Christ binds up the brokenhearted, heals the confused minds and damaged bodies.

He doesn’t need us, but he chose us to be used as His instruments of His grace, mercy, and loving-kindness.

Our responsibility at Big Oak is to have confidence in His perspective, not ours. God is on the throne of the universe, way higher than the best view from the mountaintop. When we are confident in His perspective and walk humbly, we can be used as tools to change the hearts of children.

May we all be found worthy of our calling.

He is Not Done!
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