The Journey that Leads to the Giver

December 20, 2019

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


Christmas is a time of many emotions for the children who call Big Oak home. But among the greatest observations made is the transformation we witness, which this specific time of year brings forth. The children who are new to our family are, as they should, embracing all of the firsts that come with Christmas at Big Oak. They are receiving gifts for the first time. They are stringing lights and preparing countless meals. They are a part of family traditions. They are learning about this Jesus who was born so that they might receive second birth. 

For the children who have been a part of our family for many Christmases, they now enter this season differently. It’s not that they take the blessings and gifts for granted, but rather their perspective has shifted. When asking many of these children about their favorite aspect of Christmas morning, they echo one after the other that it's watching the new children experience it all for the first time. Many are simply caught up in cherishing the bond between Father and child, one that will never be taken away. They no longer just see the gifts as a blessing but rather a reminder that the true blessing is giving and watching those you love experience it.

Children teach us so much about the heart of God. This journey our children are on is such a beautiful reminder of the one we are on as well. The Miracle of this season is that God Himself came to Earth in human form so that we would receive the gift of our Redeemer. When we accept Him, when we begin the journey, our perspective begins to change. There is no way we can keep this Gift to ourselves, and as we grow in our faith, we find our souls satisfied in sharing this Gift with others. May we learn from the children who call Big Oak home. May we learn from their new-found realizations and growth, and implement it in our own lives. I pray you step into opportunities to share the true GIFT of this season. 

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