The Child That Challenges

January 23, 2019

Reagan Phillips, Childcare Team Director


How many of you have a child that challenges everything? A child that wants to know “why” all the time and is relentless in their questioning for the things they want. As a parent we are both thrilled and exhausted at this character trait. Thrilled that they question, think for themselves and use their voice for the things they want. Exhausted because the questioning usually comes rapid fire at our bleeding ears.

I have one of these strong willed children. One of his biggest hangups is sleep. He doesn’t want to go to bed. He thinks there are things to do and things he will miss if he closes his eyes. He is constantly asking to stay up later and later and later. I, as his mother, know that losing sleep will affect him in many areas, so I stand my ground and make him go to bed because it is for his ultimate good. He gets so frustrated at my repeated “no” answer. It hit me last night as I was explaining once again the benefits and value of sleep, that this must be how God feels with me. I get so frustrated with Him at “no” answers. I expect my child to trust that I want what is best for him, yet I don’t trust God the same way. But, that is what He is asking of me. He loves me, wants me to relentlessly come to him as my Father. I may not be capable of understanding why His answer is “no”, but I have to trust that my Father has my best in mind and is working it for my good and His glory.

I am an imperfect parent that makes dumb mistakes sometimes, but my heart loves my child and wants his ultimate good. How much more does God love us an want our good. God is the perfect Father. He doesn’t make mistakes. As Charles Spurgeon said “God is too good to be unkind, and he is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace his hand, we must trust his heart.” Just as we ask our children to trust we want what is best for them when we withhold something or make them go to bed early, may we all walk in faith that our God is good and wise. Even if we do not understand His ways or like his answers, what rest and peace there is to know we can trust our Father’s heart.

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