The Best Way to Love Someone

September 5, 2019

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


As I walked into the gym at the Girls’ Ranch for a late afternoon workout, I saw a few of our girls. They came running up to me asking if they could work out as well. I told them to come on and proceeded to turn the music up REALLY loud hoping they would temper the girly conversation and allow me to actually work out. I would glance over every now and then and give a quick smile but, as usual, they won. My workout was declared over and they energetically pulled me into conversation. 

In the background, a song began playing that we listened to during our most recent monthly worship service. They began to recall me worshipping, down to the detail. They used some rather unflattering descriptions of my nose turning red, tears flowing, hands waving, you get the picture. I have to admit the descriptions were a little hard to swallow without being slightly offended! As I was recovering from the unintentional insults, the Spirit handed me an opportunity to explain the goodness of Christ. The girls echoed one after the other, “Mr. Brodie, that song must be really special to you, right? It has to mean something more to you than the other songs?” The song was a declaration of sin washed away, of its hold forever gone and the ability to see the King for who He is. They went on to confess that because of my enthusiasm for this song, it made them listen to it over and over, and they grew to appreciate it more. 

I certainly never want my worship to be a display for anyone other than Christ alone, but He spoke to me during this conversation and reminded me of His purpose for that moment. If the ripple effect of watching the Spirit move in people they love and trust leads to full surrender, complete worship and freedom in Christ for these girls, so be it. We can learn from their curiosity. In this life, they have been handed every reason not to believe. But maybe they will say, “If they can surrender, so can I.” I wonder if that moment, that culture of welcoming the Spirit and standing in awe of Him, wasn’t a step that leads to their own authentic worship next time. 

What a reminder for each of us that the best way to love someone is to show it. If we will just come to a place of gratitude, worship, surrender, and faith, the impact on those around us is immeasurable. We say often that children learn with their eyes. Really, everyone does. May we declare His goodness in spite of the circumstances. May we choose joy. May we embody the character of a relational, loving Father.

He is changing hearts. It might not happen the way we thought it would. It might not be what we deem conventional or reasonable. But it will be His way and that’s enough. 


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