Live Like you are Leading

January 16, 2019

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


Live it before you speak it, model it before you demand it. This is something I heard a long time ago and it’s been a challenge to me ever since. Each day we encounter people who are watching us, whether it’s our children, our spouse, a colleague or a stranger we meet throughout our day. They’re watching to see if what we profess is truly what we believe. They’re waiting to see if the standard we place on them is the same standard we place on ourselves.

For example, here at Big Oak, it’s vital for every staff person to remember how often our kids were promised the world, only to have those hopes ripped at the seam. Apologies were given, fresh starts were assured, and a better way of life pledged to them. But what most of them found were the same choices repeated, emptiness and, as a result, dreams they perceive too far away to ever be achieved. Because of God’s compassion, He allowed us to step in and act as His hands and feet, living out His love. And as we do, inch by inch, they develop the ability to trust again, to love and to believe in who Christ says He is.

Every one of us encounters someone daily who watches how we handle circumstances in life and then constructs a perspective of who we are and of what we truly believe.

May we live to a holy standard before we simply talk about it or expect it from someone else, remembering our actions have the ability to influence people’s view of Christ – for better or for worse.

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1

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