Four Words from a Child that Point to our Identity

November 9, 2018

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


During an amazing worship service this past summer led by a few of our children and staff, the Holy Spirit swept through leaving many broken and then filled again. As everyone was leaving the service, I saw one of our 8-year-old boys sobbing uncontrollably. This boy, despite everything he has been through, is one of the kindest and most respectful kids I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He is quiet and gentle but when you look into his eyes or are fortunate to catch glimpses of him letting go just enough to echo a belly laugh that can melt your heart, you discover that he is constantly trying to balance everything that’s happened in his short life, his natural tendency to love despite the wrongdoings of others and his deep desire to be a kid. But that night, in an awe-struck moment after an encounter with his Creator, all he could muster beneath the sobbing were four words, “I miss my father.”

During a time of undeniable presence of the Spirit, he saw a Father wrapped in perfection, One who loves him just as he should be loved. This little boy was left wanting more, and even though he couldn’t verbalize every emotion of that moment, it was a step. A step that is certain to lead to another and then to another, until he can put the pieces of the puzzle together, recognizing fully and seeing with the clarity the One who carried him through his pain. God’s power was put on display throughout this service as children who have felt so much weakness praised their Rescuer for what He has done and where He is taking them.

This is a reminder for each of us…we are all orphans adopted by the Father and this act of incredible love is the Hope that declares our life will end in victory, not the defeats of our past. Let Christ set you free from whatever is dragging you away from His perfect plan for your life – self-doubt, fear, chains from past mistakes or a past life…whatever it is, revel in the identity He gives you as a loving Father and move forward as a new creation.

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