An encouragement from Big Oak regarding COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Brodie Croyle, Executive Director


When God commissioned Joshua to lead His people into the promised land He made sure to instruct Joshua three times to operate in strength and courage so that His people could inherit all that God had for them. Joshua undoubtedly felt unworthy and unprepared but God commissioned him to step in boldly during a time of opportunity.

Throughout this season, fear might arise for a moment, but when fear becomes us, it cripples us. In moments of feeling afraid, step beyond this lie because God’s promise and purpose will prevail. Faith is always greater than fear.

We do not operate in a spirit of fear. 

In fact, we pointedly rebuke it, knowing God is greater. He gives us the power to live courageously, boldly and fearlessly in this life, especially when the troubles that encircle tell us to be afraid. His truth whispers strong and sure to the deepest core of our spirits. As people distance themselves physically from one another, God wants to draw near and we can rest in that. 

We know crisis, we experience it frequently.

Crisis is something we at Big Oak frequently witness on an individual basis with every child, every hurt, every past. And now, in our communities and our country, we see yet again that there are times when crisis surrounds us all. But, it is in times such as this the body of believers demonstrates a stark difference from the world around us. This is where we are unique. Where the world might just survive, we thrive.

Crisis is the place in which our faith shines.

Use this as an opportunity to speak Proverbs 12:25 into your families, “Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.” Let’s help our children and circles of influence see that what we walk through together today, many would call disaster, but instead God will use this time in history to bring many to Himself. He might choose to use this as a means to draw our country to greater depths of faith and prayer and increase our dependence on Him alone. He might use this as time in which our children receive salvation. Let’s invest in the opportunities He is presenting. Let’s be intentional about family time, while balancing reasonable space as needed. Our daily routines will be no more for a while, but let’s retain healthy structure of a set time to go to bed, wake up, read and memorize scripture, worship, pray with and over our children and enjoy physical activity. Let’s limit screen time and increase relationship within our homes. 

We don’t minimize what is currently taking place nor do we react in extreme panic, rather we focus on the promise over the problem. 

As we are entrusted with the mantle of leadership of our children, within the community and in the sector in which we serve, we seek counsel and strength from the Holy Spirit. As He shepherds us, we follow suit in the shepherding of others. This is a fluid situation, changing day by day, and we will pursue holy wisdom to clearly and confidently lead our children through this unprecedented season. 

We do our due diligence to protect what's been entrusted to us, we make decisions in wisdom and we operate in confidence.

What many call fear, we call faith. The root values of Big Oak - love, honesty, perseverance and discipline - continue to guide us. These principles uphold our systems that are in place on any given day and because of this, we are ready to move forward with strength and courage. The stewardship of our resources - from childcare to operations to finances - will allow us to lead with confidence because we are prepared for a time such as this.

We will continue to pray first and navigate this fluid situation according to His voice.

With this, our physical offices will be closed until further notice as we observe federal, state and local agency warnings. During this time, our team will be working remotely to ensure the safety of our children and in consideration of those around us. All calls, emails, and inquiries will still be connected with the appropriate staff members and, as always, responses and answers to any questions will remain a priority. As of now, volunteer projects, tours and speaking engagements will be placed on hold as we continually assess the situation, and we will work to reschedule those as soon as possible.

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Thank you for all the ways in which you support Big Oak Ranch. May God protect and bless your families. May His face shine upon you and lead you in bold faith!

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