3 Steps to Overcoming a Past of Pain

February 5, 2017

John Croyle, Founder


Throughout the last 42+ years of Big Oak Ranch's existence there have been children come to live with us who have endured some of the most horrific childhood experiences you can imagine. For each of them the issue of a dysfunctional home and family life wasn't their imagination but a regrettable reality. Each child has their own story and issues they have had to deal with daily.

Some of you can identify all too well with our children. Maybe your childhood was also filled with traumatic events that you have had to deal with. Whether it was physical abuse, emotional abandonment, or something in between, all are devastating and can be very difficult to overcome.

I want to encourage you to do three things:

  1. Realize that every negative event from your past is from one source – sin. The sin of your past does not define you, you are no longer a victim, you can break the cycle. Don’t let sin, especially someone else’s, squelch the fruit of your own life.
  2. Realize your worth. Jesus loves you in spite of everything that’s been done to you or that you have done and He wants you to be free.
  3. Realize that Christ’s love for you gives you the opportunity to move on.

Moving into freedom won’t be an overnight process, and you may fall before you reach it completely, but at least you’re falling forward instead of stumbling backwards over events you cannot change. Some of you may have children of your own. What an inspiration for them to see you overcome. What a legacy to leave.

He is Not Done!
Transformation Beyond our Control
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